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Quilt Shipping Instructions

Please follow these instructions to avoid additional costs!

Please email or call us for our shipping address.

 1. Shipping Method
Preferred shipping method is U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail.  We will return your quilt via U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail.  Return shipping fee will be added to your invoice.

NOTE: You can request us to return ship via Fedex or UPS. There is a $20 handling charge added to your invoice for these methods. (Extra trip for us and we have to wait in line)

If you must identify contents, use "blanket" insted of "quilt". For some strange reason quilts tend to get lost in transit much more often than blankets.

2. Packaging
We use the same box you send to us to return your quilt to you. You must use a box large enough to accommodate finished quilt. Many quilts double in size once quilted. Even if you provide batting, finished quilts take up more space. You should also make sure box is of good enough condition and quality to make the return trip. If we determine a new box is required you will be charged $5 -$12 depending on size.

Many boxes today are not strong enough to protect your quilt. You want to use a rigid, corrugated box that is in good condition. Boxes rated 200 lbs are best.

It is a good idea to fill empty space to prevent box from getting crushed. Please, no foam peanuts.

3. Insurance
You must advise us if you want insurance and the amount for return shipping. We are not responsible for any damage or loss once quilt ships.


Our Customers Say....

"Received my quilt and I could not be happier. I will be happy to send more quilts for finishing, just let me know your schedule.Thanks again for such good work!" - T.S.

"Oh my gosh! He LOVED it! He said that was all he needed for Christmas... What an amazing job!  Thank you for creating a quilt my son will cherish forever!" - S.W.