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Discount Quilting Prices for Loyal  Quilters!
Get Every 6th Quilt Free!
We give you a credit equal to the average  cost of your previous 5 qualifying quilts. For example, if your five quilt invoices are all $90.00, then on your 6th quilt you would get $90.00 discount.
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Machine working on a quilt
Edge to Edge Quilting - We keep it simple with one rate for all edge to edge quilting!
Unlike many quilters, we have one rate for all edge to edge quilting. You get no surprises just because the pattern you want is denser or takes longer to quilt than a simple stipple.
2.5 cents per square inch (more like 1.9 cents with all our discounts and 6th quilt free)  
Batting:  (90" wide)
Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Batting $8.95 per yard
Hobbs 100% Cotton Batting $9.95 per yard
Warm & Natural  $11.95 per yard
Warm & White $11.95 per yard
Dream Cotton - Coming Soon
Dream Bamboo - Coming Soon
You can  supply your own batting, however it must meet our quality and size requirements for machine quilting. We do not quilt with polyester battings.  All customer supplied batting is subject to our approval.

Thread: Thread charge is $3.00 per bobbin solid color of thread.
Variegated threads $4.50 per bobbin.
Add a Custom Embroidery Quilt Label
Custom embroidery quilt labels $12 and up
How to estimate cost for edge to edge quilting
Measure your quilt's width and length in inches. Then multiply the width of your quilt by its length.  The  result is your total square inches.
Example: You have a  quilt top that measures 66" wide  and 86" long.  66 x 86 = 5676 square inches.
Then multiply that number by .025 (rate before any discounts). Batting  and thread are additional.
Edge-to-edge includes everyting on our Patterns Page and more!
Note: Minimum quilting charge is $49

All projects which do not use edge to edge quilting patterns are considered custom longarm quilting. The rates for this vary from $.05 - $.17 per square inch depending on the time and detail required.

Enhancements to Your Quilt.
We offer a full menu of ways to enhance your quilt. This would include individual blocks, borders, echoes, or other quilting styles. In some cases you may want parts of the edge to edge pattern "trimmed" so quilting doesn't go over embroidery or applique. For specialty projects we will consult with you to learn what you want.  In some cases we will generate a preview and email it to you so you can see what the quilting will look like.  If you like, we can provide you an estimate of the maximum charge for the entire project.  Your final cost may end up slightly higher or lower depending on the actual time and materials it used to finish your project.

Please call us at 531-240-0184 to get a quote. As we are often busy quilting, please leave a message with best time to return your call. You can also email us (info@abetterquilt.com)

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