Commissioned by:  The Peter A. Kudla Family Foundation
in collaboration with Redline and The Denver Foundation 
Cynthia Martin, Curator


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Quilt Top Designed and Pieced by
Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji Quilt Guild
The Freedom Quilt Experience /
Panels # 9 & 10 "Honor & Respect"

Ann Worsencroft - Coordinator
Marcia Walker - Panel Designer
Brenda Ames

Camilla Edwards
Pennie Estrada
Elorise Hawkins
Milinda Walker
Joanne Walton
Karen VonPhul
Jeanette Sanderson

Pat Moore
Mary Sharp
Camille Gary
Reniese Johnson
Artie Johnson
Nannette Locke
Althea Redd
Barbara Robinson
Helen Stubblefield
Connie Turner

Quilter's Message -". . .  The synergy within the group reminded us of how people helping people was so critical and how it enabled many trapped in the Twin Towers to get out . . . When the two panels we worked on were completed, we realized the project had given us much more than an opportunity to heal hearts. . . "



Panel 9 & 10

We quilted these panels with pattern of stripes, stars, and hearts.