Commissioned by:  The Peter A. Kudla Family Foundation
in collaboration with Redline and The Denver Foundation 
Cynthia Martin, Curator


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Quilt Top Designed and Pieced by
Sisters In Fiber
The Freedom Quilt Experience / Panel # 5 "'Human Victory"


Michele David - Chesnut Hill Massachusetts
Celeste Janey - Massachusetts
Brenda Jones - Massachusetts
Renee Keels - Massachusetts
Valarie Poitier - Natick Massachusetts
Juanita Johnson - Massachusetts

Quilter's Message - ". . . When SIF was asked to be part of The Freedom Quilt Experience it brought back all of the suppressed feelings of shock, anger, and sorrow for those who had lost their lives in the attack on 9/11.  It also brought a sense of pride in those passengers who had lessened the death toll by sacrificing their lives by crashing the plane in Pennsylvania . . . We all knew in our hearts that our lives and country would never be the same . . ."


Panel 5