Commissioned by:  The Peter A. Kudla Family Foundation
in collaboration with Redline and The Denver Foundation 
Cynthia Martin, Curator


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Quilt Top Designed and Pieced by
African American Quilters and Collectors Guild
The Freedom Quilt Experience / Panel # 1 'Courage"


Pat Allen
Geneva Chapman
Stephanie Owens-Gillespie
Juanita Gray
Winnie Anderson
Lannie Green
Dalita Wood
Priscilla Brown
Kathie Monroe
Marta Sanders
Darla J. Shipp-Wells

Quilter's Message - " . . . Participating in the creation of this quilt was an awesome and unforgettable opportunity for us as quilters...God has blessed us to be part of something huge and powerful in the history of our United States of America...The blue in the panel represents the sky, whether it is day or night. The stars represent all of the people who are not alive on earth anymore, but live in our hearts and minds...The Freedom Quilt is for everyone who was involved on that day, September 11, 2001 and for all generations who come after us. . . "

Panel 1