Commissioned by:  The Peter A. Kudla Family Foundation
in collaboration with Redline and The Denver Foundation 
Cynthia Martin, Curator


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We (A Better Quilt, Inc.)  were honored to be chosen as the long arm quilter for the Freedom Quilt Experience.

The Freedom Quilt Experience was commissioned to provide a backdrop for an exhibit of twisted pieces of metal from the World Trade Center.

It is made from ten unique quilt panels, one panel for each of the ten years that have passed since nearly 3000 of our brothers and sisters were murdered in the attacks on 9/11/01. When put together, the quilt panels form a display 16 feet high and nearly 30 feet wide.

Each panel was designed and sewn together by a different individual or quilt guild.  It is truly amazing how individuals from all different backgrounds and locations, working in isolation with only a concept to guide them, created ten totally unique quilts that when put together form a unified background. 


The two center panels mimic the two shafts of light that shoot in the night sky on each anniversary of the attack.


freedom quilt expeiience panels 9 & 10 
The triangles on the other panels show the same perspective you experience when you look down a railroad track or section of long, straight highway. Time, distance, journey, and coming together (or convergence) are all represented. The red, white and blue color theme speaks for itself.   

freedom quilt composite

The triangle shape is also a subtle reminder of how an American flag looks as it hangs from a pole and the raising of the flag over the rubble of the twin towers. 

firemen raise flag over ruins of WTC

The Freedom Quilt Experience will be displayed at different venues over the next few months.  In February 2012 the quilt panels will achieve their intended purpose as a backdrop for steel artifacts from the World Trade Center. This exhibit will be at District475 in Englewood, Colorado.  It is expected that final home for The Freedom Quilt Experience will be the 9/11 Museum that will open in 2012.