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We Are Coupon People!

We almost always have a discount coupon available that can greatly reduce your cost for Edge to Edge quilting service. We also have our 6th Quilt Free ongoing special for repeat quilters.

Check out our current special here!

When our customrs use either our discount coupons or take advantage of our "6th quilt free" our edge to edge rate averages less $.018 (1.8 cents) per square inch.

We consider every quilting job to be a "custom" project. We discuss your quilt with you and work with you to choose the perfect quilting design and thread colors.

Edge to Edge Quilting
Edge to edge is our most popular and most cost effective way to turn your  quilt tops into beautiful, useable quilts. To estimate cost for edge to edge quilting, multiply the width of your quilt by length (in inches). The result is your total square inches. Then multiply that number by .02. Batting and thread are additional.

 Example: You have a  quilt top that measures 66" wide and 86" long.  66 x 86 = 5676 square inches. 5676 x  $.02 = $112.32.  If you use a 15% off coupon ($16.84) the rate ends up being $95.48 or $.17 per square inch. You will need to add cost of batting, thread, and any extra services (such as binding) to estimate your total cost. You can always call us for help  at 303-425-4000.

If you are interested in having us make a quilt for you (Memory, T-shirt, etc) please Click here to go to our Custom Quilting Section . We can make just about any type of quilt with our custom quilting service. This includes memory quilts, T-shirt quilts, art quilts, and completing quilt kits.

Enhancements to Your Quilt.
We offer a full menu of ways to enhance your quilt. This would include individual blocks, borders, echoes, or other quilting styles. In some cases you may want parts of the edge to edge pattern "trimmed" so quilting doesn't go over embroidery or applique. For specialty projects we will consult with you to learn what you want.  In some cases we will generate a preview and email it to you so you can see what the quilting will look like.  If you like, we can provide you an estimate of the maximum charge for the entire project.  Your final cost may end up slightly higher or lower depending on the actual time and materials it used to finish your project.

Please call us at 303-425-4000 to get a quote. As we are often busy quilting, please leave a message with best time to return your call. You can also email us (info@abetterquilt.com)



Basic Edge to Edge (E2E) :   2 cents per square inch BEFORE DISCOUNTS. 
All over edge-to-edge rate includes simple meanders, feathers, swirls, hearts, butterflies, lots more! 
This rate applies to all projects regardless of pattern
Note: Minimum quilting charge is $49

Trimmed Edge to Edge: 2.5 - 3.5 cents per square inch
We trim the quilt pattern so it does not quilt over any embroidery, appliques, or other parts of quilt top. Rate applies to total square inches of quilt. Rate depends on amount of trim required.
Items Below  are in
addition to the E2E rate
BLOCKS:  $2.00 per block
Quilting Individual Blocks

BORDERS/SIMPLE: 11 cents per linear inch
Quilting any border, sashing, or frame.

BORDERS/COMPLEX 18 cents per linear inch
Quilting any border, sashing, or frame.


ECHOES: $5.00 each
Repeating an outline of any object.

TRIM PATTERN  $1.50 -$2.00 per trim. We "trim" the quilt pattern so it does not quilt over any embroidery, appliques, phote, or other parts of quilt top where you do not want stitching.

OVERALL TRIM: If quilt requires lots of trim thoughout quilt, this rate may apply. We use this rate if the Trim Pattern rate above will be excessive. Edge to Edge: 2.5 - 3.5 cents per square inch

BINDING SERVICES: We offer several binding services.

Machine attach binding to front of quilt: 11 cents per linear inch

Machine attach binding both front and back of quilt: 18 cents per linear inch

All other binding services: Making binding from supplied material, machine attach to front and hand sew to back, etc: $35 per hour

All projects which do not use edge to edge quilting patterns are considered custom longarm quilting. The rates for this vary from $.05 - $.17 per square inch depending on the time and detail required.


Batting:  (96" wide)
Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Batting $6.95 per yard
Hobbs 100% Cotton Batting $8.95 per yard
Warm & Natural (90' Wide) $10.95 per yard
Warm & White (90" Wide) $10.95 per yard

You can  supply your own batting, however it must meet our quality and size requirements for machine quilting. We do not quilt with any battings that contain more than 20% polyester. All customer supplied batting that contains polyester is subject to our approval.

Thread: Thread charge is $3.00 per bobbin for one solid color of thread.
Thread Color Chart

Variegated threads are available for a slightly higher cost.

Minimum Quilting Fee: $49
Our minimum quilting fee is $49 for quilting service only.
Thread, Batting and other services are additional.


Average Quilt Sizes 

Type Bed/Use Average Quilt Size  Mattress Size

Crib/Baby Quilt

36" x 60" 27" x 52"
Twin Size 69" x 90" 39" x 75"
Full Size  84" x 90" 54" x 75"
Queen Size 90" x 95" 60" x 80"
King Size 106" x 98" 76" x 80"






Our Customers Say....
Dear Judy,
I have the quilt and it looks unbelievable. You must have a magic wand to make that quilt look so good. All your services were 5 star and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a quilter. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did.  I am still giving it to my sister as it does not match anything in my house, and is a great match for hers. I will definitely send any of my  quilts to you in the future. Have a wonderful summer
 Judy,I just received my quilt today and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much. It's better than I ever expected! You're the best! Thanks again, Megan

"Oh my gosh! He LOVED it! He said that was all he needed for Christmas... What an amazing job!  Thank you for creating a quilt my son will cherish forever!" - S.W.

Thank you again, Judy. I love how you did the stitching with the sort of courser thread - it really makes the autumness pop! It's just great! Thank you!Richelle
This is Beverly. I just wanted to let you know that the 2 quilts yall quilted for me were absolutely gorgeous! I am very pleased with them. Just wanted to let ya know yall are AWESOME! Thank you so very much!