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Fast Turn Around Longarm Quilting!
Urgent projects in 24 hours!
(additional charges apply)

Running out of time for that birthday, new baby, anniversary, or other quilt that needs to be finished by a certain date?

Our standard turn-around time is 7 to 10 business days. The only time it would take longer to get your quilt back to you is if we are on vacation, you need us to special order thread or batting, or it requires a lot of custom work.

But, every so often you may need a quilt finished "right away!". In that case  we can often get your project completed in 24 hours!

Service is usually limited to medium to large patterns. We can sometimes include simple borders and/or corners as well. Ultimately, quilt size and patterns will determine what can be done in a short period of time. Sorry, but we will not compromise our quality standards in order to finish a quilt quickly.

Longarm Quilting Fast Turn Around Minimum Surcharges

Same Day  $.040 per square inch

24 Hours  $.035 per square inch

2 days    $.030 per per square inch

3 Days    $.025 per square inch

4 days    $.020 per square inch

5 Days    $.015 per square inch

6 Days    $.010 per square inch




Our Customers Say....

"Received my quilt and I could not be happier. I will be happy to send more quilts for finishing, just let me know your schedule.Thanks again for such good work!" - T.S.

"Oh my gosh! He LOVED it! He said that was all he needed for Christmas... What an amazing job!  Thank you for creating a quilt my son will cherish forever!" - S.W.