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  • Pictures of crown royal quilts. These quilts are made from Crown Royal Bags
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  • We custom make cancer ribbon quilt wall hangings. These can be made for any color ribbon. Each quilt is unique.
  • One of the most important steps we take in designing a T-shirt quilt is learning about your passions and how you want them presented
  • We custom design each facet of every memory quilt. From the overall design to the final quilting stitch, we strive to enhance and bring to life the bits and pieces of your loved one's clothing and other fabric items you provide. Our goal is to provide not only a quilt made of memories, but something that can be used and cherished for generations
  • We create art quilts that recelcct any subject or theme. Whether form a photo or simply and idea, we create a unique piece of art for you.
  • We can complete any quilt kit. If you find one you like, send it to us and we will return a finished quilt.
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